Appreciation for Meyers

I have been swimming morning laps at Meyers Pool for 43 years. When I started, management was decommissioning the old system of checking in your belongings, in numbered baskets, with an attendant near the dressing rooms, and installing lockers for self-storage. Originally, there were four shower heads around a central post in the middle of the shower room; eventually the shower heads were distributed around the walls, a much better arrangement. One day years ago I arrived to find the pool closed indefinitely because an inspection found the arching wood support beams were structurally compromised due to the humidity in the building. Luckily, these beams were reinforced with steel so that the pool could serve for several more years – albeit with doors open to vent the humidity, even in winter months. The pool was closed briefly during the COVID pandemic, but Arvada and APEX quickly developed a plan to allow swimmers to reserve lanes and maintain personal distances so that we could continue to swim. This was much appreciated. Many welcome improvements have been made over the years to keep Meyers a nice place to swim. Over the years the staff at Meyers have done a great job. Meyers has served us well, but time has taken a toll on this facility and a new pool will be welcome.

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