Character development via swimming instruction

My journey in aquatics started with lessons at the pool on Ralston Road and Garrison. I never passed Life guard classes, but had cleared all classes up to that level. I lived in that pool in the summers in my youth, walking with friends to enjoy the hot afternoons with a dip in those cool waters. Since I could swim, I enjoyed the deep end as is was more sparsely populated on a hot day. One thrill was accompanying my sister to work there as a lifeguard on opening day and being the very first customer in the water!!

Both of my sisters, Christine and Connie Harrah we're competitors on the swim team coached by Ken Kelley. He also supervised the Garrison pool staff.

I , to my mother's dismay, did not ever qualify to be on swim team. I have no direct memories of Ken Kelly, but a lot of fond stories from my sisters about him.

Forward in time, I took my kids to McFadden for lessons. They both know how to swim of course.

Currently I enjoy aquacise at Meyers.

There is no more wonderful activity on this planet other than swimming. Thanks to Ken Kelly, I learned a life long skill for which I am forever grateful.

Thanks Ken!!

And I still miss Garrison and McFadden pools....I feel for kids on the east side of Arvada who will not get to experience what I enjoyed..walking to a pool to spend an afternoon swimming. I'm very glad that Meyers will be replaced on the same spot. Hmmm, maybe we could honor Ken's memory and name the new pool after him?

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