Great Job

I worked at Meyers for 6 1/2 happy years. I enjoyed the many guests I got to know over that time and looked forward to seeing so many committed to their swim fitness. The swim meets were especially fun and I came to admire the commitment of the many swimmers and coaches I watched practice and compete. Although I was about 50 years older than most of the staff, I came to love and appreciate these hard working kids. I don’t think they realized they could save a persons life……it is a huge responsibility and they surpassed all expectations as an expertly trained staff.

The best part of the job was working for Nathan Christensen. Under his management Meyers pool thrived and performed as a well run facility. He always let us know how much he appreciated us. I was very sad to see him leave. Apex lost a wonderful employee.

Due to COVID closure and pending surgery I had to leave a job I really loved.

I’m looking forward to the new facility and wish the management team well.


Jean Peebles

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