Meyers Pool has been in my life for the last 30+ years. Going to this pool has been filled with excellent experiences. Whether it has been for myself, Family, Government or Organizational uses Meyers Pool has fulfilled a multitude of needs for all in Colorado.

My personal uses of Meyer Pool started well before I moved to Arvada and became an active community member. As an adult educator, parent or youth group organizer and volunteer I've been to all kinds of events at Meyers Pool. From State Swim Meets, 7 AM practices, kayaking, lap swims, or even scuba certifications. I've helped hold classes there for all kinds of Aquatic Activities for both youth and adults. Meyer Pool has been a unique asset to the City which bring people from all Colorado. Meyers Pool though has been a concern for many years because the facility's age and the building developed weaknesses.

Retired City Manager Gordon Resnik lead the effort and made this replacement entirely possible through years of negotiations and his committed community service. All 3 governments APEX, the City of Arvada and Jeffco Schools are all involved in this community facility replacement project.

Meyers Pool should be replaced by a new long lived Pool Facility that meets all these governments and our citizens needs and usages. Please make the new Meyers Pool a Regional Facility we can all be proud of long into our futures and of great use to all.

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